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You couldn’t sleep. Well, no one would expect you to. It was Christmas Eve for crying out loud! How could anyone sleep knowing they would see their family, get presents, and have an amazing time the next day? You were so excited, you decided to stay up late and wait for Santa like you did when you were younger. It was already past midnight and nothing had happened yet, so you sat next to your window looking up at the dark, cloudy sky.
It really is peaceful tonight, you thought to yourself as gazed outside. There was just one thing missing.


For two whole months you had been waiting and waiting, but this was one year when the snow just wouldn’t come. It was a shame. You really enjoyed spending snow days sledding, making snowmen, and having snowball fights with your friends. Most of the time you loved to simply take in the wonderland of white, but now you doubted if you would get that chance at all this year.
You sighed, warm breath building up fog on the glass. You smiled a bit and began to draw on it with your finger before it disappeared. Bored, you tried again, doodling on the window and leaving the tips of your fingers cold. The picture faded away once again. You pouted.
One more time. You inhaled deeply and breathed onto the glass, sketching quickly this time. You sloppily wrote out: “Let it snow!”, grinning at the thought.
You sat back to take a good look. You wrote it backwards just for the heck of it. Maybe some passerby would spot it, but you highly doubted that. You waited for the writing to disappear.

But it didn’t.

Instead, it seemed to become clearer as a floral pattern of ice spread on the window’s surface. You gasped, mouth agape, amazed at the sudden appearance. You reached out to touch it. The glass was twice as cold as before. When you removed your hand, it left a print. It wasn’t ice, it was frost!
Your eyes scanned the window, admiring how charming the frost looked decorating it. All of a sudden, a thin line was drawn through it on the upper half of the window.
You stood up, watching as the picture was drawn. Whoever was drawing must have been outside the window, but you didn’t think that was possible.  The finished picture was a simple smiley face. You wiped some of the frost off your window to see who was outside, but you only saw blue. You opened the window instead, sticking your head out as far as possible; which wasn’t that far because of the darn screen.
It had been such a calm night, so it took you by surprise when a blast of cold air shot at your face. You quickly moved away from the window to keep warm, eyes growing wide at what happened next.
What looked like a large flurry of snowflakes blew through the window screen and into the middle of your room, swirling in place and forming together until a figure was standing there. The only thing you could do was wish you had pepper spray, but for some reason, you calmed down as the person became clearer.
It was a boy, probably around your age. The first thing you noticed was his hair. It was pure white, like fresh snow, and spiked up in some places. His skin was so pale you half-wondered if he was sick or not. He wore a blue hoodie and torn-up brown pants - his entire outfit covered in patches of frost - and there were no shoes on his feet.
Bright blue eyes surveyed the room casually as the boy laid a curved wooden staff across his shoulder. He took a few paces around, never noticing you. You were in so much shock, you barely realized how numb your body became as the temperature in the room dropped.
You thought you heard the boy mumble a few things to himself. He glanced at you for half a second, and then turned away. You could have sworn your heart stopped for a moment. The boy turned in your direction again and saw you staring at him. He locked eyes with you and froze in place, the small smirk on his lips quickly vanishing.
“You’re awake?” he asked, staring at you like there was a knife in your hand. The sound his voice sent chills throughout your body. You nodded dumbly, your heart rate increasing rapidly. The boy seemed even more surprised at your response. “W-wait…you can hear me?” he said quietly as though he couldn’t believe it. “Mmhmm…” you mumbled, not sure what else to say. You thought you saw the boy’s mouth drop a little. He leaned forward, eyes narrowing.
“You can see me?” You paused a moment. Why wouldn’t you be able to see him? “Yeah…” you replied. The boy smiled and began to laugh. “No way…! She sees me! Whoo!” He did a backflip in the air. You yelped a bit in protest, worried he would break something, but were surprised when he landed perfectly on his feet, barely making a sound.
“Wait, how old are you?” he asked with excitement. “Uhh…(_y/a_)…” you said with uncertainty. The boy laughed again. “This is amazing! You’re the first one since the kids back at Burgess!”
You opened your mouth, about to spill out a million questions, but settled on one when reality hit you in the face like that previous blast of cold air. “Why are you in my room?!” you raised your voice a slight bit. The silver-head stopped celebrating and scratched the back of his neck. “Oh yeah…I sort of just wanted to see who had drawn on the window. I didn’t expect you to be awake though…” he didn’t make eye contact.
“Well, h-how did you…do that…that…thing- How’d you get in? There’s a screen!” you pointed to the screen outside your still open window. The boy smiled confidently. “Magic.”
“Magic.” You inhaled deeply and rubbed your head, clearing your thoughts. “Ok then…you wanna tell me who you are?” The boy laid his staff across his shoulders and smirked. “Sure, but first, tell me something. Do you believe?” You raised an eyebrow. “What?”
“Y’know…Santa, Easter Bunny…stuff like that…do you believe it exists?” You crossed your arms at the question and looked away, brushing strands of (_h/c_) hair in front of your face. “Yeah…what about it?”
You didn’t really care what other people thought. You enjoyed believing in legends and fairy tales. It was fun. It gave a bit of wonder into your boring life. The silver’s smirk grew. “Alright then. My name…is Jack Frost.”

You titled your head, taking another good look at him. He did look like a Jack Frost. The flying into your room as snowflakes kind of gave it away. But still…
You placed a hand on your hip. “Prove it.” ‘Jack’ made a fist with his hand, then opened it. A snowflake flew out. You watched as it fluttered around the room and landed on your nose. You blinked. Jack waited for your reaction.

Oh god.

“OH MY GOD!!!” you half whispered, half yelled. “You’re Jack Frost!”
The Jack Frost!”
“Uh huh.”
“You’re in my room!”
“You’re talking to me!”
“Alright, you can calm down there…uh…” You smiled from ear to ear, attempting to contain yourself. “(_y/n_). My name’s (_y/n_).” Jack smiled. “Neat name.” You laughed and sat down on your bed, taking everything in. “So, what about everything else? All of the other legends and-”
“Every one of them is real.” Jack hopped up onto his staff. You probably looked like…well…a kid on Christmas Eve who found the entire stash of presents early. All of your childhood fantasies…every legend or myth you’ve learned…they were all real! Believing finally didn’t feel silly anymore.
Jack glanced over at the window. “I’m gonna guess you were the one drawing?” You nodded your head vigorously. Jack jumped down from his staff and walked towards the open window. “Well, that answers my question. It was nice meeting you, (_y/n_)-”
“Wait!” you stood up and grabbed his arm. Jack turned to face you. “You’re leaving?”
“Well, yeah. Y’know, places to go…snow to spread.”
“Then make it snow here!” you pleaded. “We haven’t had snow all winter! Where have you been?!” you let go of Jack’s arm and raised your voice a little. “All I want this year is for it to snow! And now…” you quieted down and stared at your feet. There was a moment of silence. Jack watched your disappointed face, brows furrowed in thought and a little guilt. “I just really miss the snow…” Another moment of silence passed between you two.

“You wanna have some fun?” Jack quickly changed the atmosphere. You looked back up at him, (_e/c_) eyes meeting brisk blue ones. “Fun?”
“Yeah! Why would anyone be sitting in their room all bored when they could be having fun? It’s Christmas Eve!” You gave the winter spirit a strange look. “What are you getting at?” you asked, suspicion obvious in your voice. Jack held out a pale hand. “What do you say we take a little ride?” Jack’s bright blue eyes sparkled. You didn’t know if it was your own boredom or if the spirit had charmed you to obey, but either way, you took his hand, flinching a bit at how cold it was.
Jack instantly pulled you towards him until your body was pressed tight against his. You let out a small yell of surprise, especially at the sudden chill. “You might wanna hang on tight,” he warned you.
You felt a small breeze around you and squeezed your eyes shut. The wind picked up. Then all of a sudden, you felt light, almost as if you were the breeze itself. Nothing was tying you down.
And just as quickly as it had begun, it ended. You felt yourself holding onto Jack once again. “Open your eyes,” you heard him say. Your feet searched for the ground…but there wasn’t any.
You looked down. You and Jack were hovering in the air, twenty feet above your house.
You screamed slightly and clung to Jack even tighter. The silver-head laughed. “Oh. My. God. We’re flying,” you let out the breath you had been holding. Jack grinned mischievously. “No, this is floating. This is flying.” You opened your mouth in protest but were cut off as Jack soared up into the air. You screamed. “JAAAAAACK!!!” you shrieked over the sound of his laughing. Jack shifted you in his arms so that he held you as he flew. You squeezed your arms around his neck, praying you wouldn’t fall.
After a minute or two, your body got used to the feeling of flying. You opened one of your shut eyes and watched as clouds zoomed pass you. An overwhelming feeling of excitement washed over you and you couldn’t help but smile, letting out a whoop of cheer in the process. Jack did the same, successful in cheering you up.
Jack flew a little lower, making a few turns, the two of you laughing the entire way. “This is incredible!” you laughed. You grinned up at Jack. He flashed a pearly white smile in return.
All of sudden, something hit your eye. “Ow!” you winced, holding a hand up to your face. Jack came to a halt. “What’s wrong?” he asked. “Something hit me…I think it was a bird.” You blinked your eye open to find the strangest sight.
A tiny, hummingbird-human mix zipped in front of your face. Its feathers were brightly colored and you couldn’t make out its wings at how rapidly they moved. A gold coin hung from a sash around its waist. “What the…”
“Hey, Baby Tooth!” Jack exclaimed. The tiny creature flew over to Jack and hugged his cheek. “It’s been a while, hasn’t it?” The fairy smiled then made a small squeak-like noise, glancing at you. “It’s alright, she’s a friend.” The fairy zipped back to you, proceeding to pull at your lips, examining your teeth. “Awt ehs et?” you tried to speak with the creature tugging at your mouth. “(_y/n_), this is Baby Tooth. Baby Tooth, this is (_y/n_).”
Baby Tooth let her grip on you go and smiled, hovering in front of your face. “What is she?” you asked, never having seen anything like this before. “She’s one of Tooth’s fairies.” You gave Jack a look, him not having clearly answered your question. “She works for the Tooth Fairy.” Your eyes widened. “Seriously?” You turned your attention to Baby Tooth, who nodded her head vigorously. She began to fly back and forth, looking troubled.
“It’s okay,” Jack calmed her down. “I know you’re busy. I’ll catch up with you later. Say hi to Tooth for me, would’ya?” The little fairy smiled, waved, and disappeared in half a second. “Wow…she’s fast,” you said as Jack began to fly again. “You have no idea…” Jack mumbled. You shifted to face him. “So, how do you know the Tooth Fairy?” Jack grinned. “She’s a Guardian like me.”
“What’s a Guardian?”
“You haven’t heard of us?” You shook your head. “The Guardians are Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, Sandman, me, and the Easter Bunny. Although he’s more of a kangaroo…” You laughed a little. “They all know each other?”
“Yep. It’s our job to protect the children of the world.” You gave Jack another look. “Does that make me a kid?” The silver-head shrugged. “Everyone has a little bit of childhood in them. It’s the Guardians’ job to protect it.” You nodded. “What do ya know? You learn something new every day.”
You pondered the thought of all those holiday figures knowing each other. “That sounds really neat. I’d like to meet them someday.” Jack smiled slightly. “Maybe…” Jack turned, doing a roll in the air as he did so. “WOAH! Woah…don’t do that…” you steadied yourself. “Just don’t do that.” Jack smirked. “Oh really?”
The next thing you knew, you were flipped over so that Jack has holding you from behind, arms wrapped around your stomach. You couldn’t hang on to anything in this position. “JACK! Jack! What are you doing?” You heard the winter spirit laugh, his cold breath brushing your ear. “It’s just like I said; we’re gonna have a little fun.”
“Jack Frost, don’t you dar-” Before you could finish you sentence, you were spiraling downward at amazing speed. You screamed, your stomach doing flips. “NONONONONONO!!! STO-AHHHHHHH!!!”
Jack pulled up just before you hit the tree line, flying fast over the branches, making sharp turns, drops, and loops in the process. “YOU’RE GONNA GET US KILLED!!!” you screeched over Jack’s laughter. He was almost enjoying your reaction.
Finally, feeling merciful, Jack stopped his stunts. You recollected yourself, gasping for air. “Not funny!” The winter spirit answered with a laugh. He flew up higher, breaking the barrier of clouds. You couldn’t help but gaze at the sight.
It was so clear up here! No light pollution had broken through, so you could see millions of stars. The moon was full, its light reflecting off the clouds and creating a silvery glow to the sky.
“Oh wow…” you whispered in awe. You spread your arms out as though you were flying on your own. “This is amazing…” Jack rested his chin on your shoulder to get a good look himself. “I’d stay up here forever if I could…” you wished. “It must be incredible, Jack. You can go anywhere you want, whenever you want…there’s nothing holding you down. You’re practically the definition of freedom.” Jack was silent. “Man, I’d give a lot to be like you,” you secretly wished as well. You felt Jack sigh, sending shivers down the back of your neck. “Be careful what you wish for,” was all he had to say.

After a little longer of peaceful flying, Jack stop and floated strait. You turned, wrapping your arms around his neck again and standing on his feet to keep balance. “Why’d you stop?” you asked. Jack’s infamous smirk played across his face. “You’re about to see what I took you here for.”
You looked around, seeing nothing but the skyscape. “There’s nothing…” You locked eyes with Jack. He glanced above you. You turned around again and gasped.
Gold, sand-like substance weaved through the air, spreading in every direction. Some of it came closer to you. “What is it?” you barely managed to say over your amazement. “It’s dreamsand.”
“You mean the stuff the Sandman makes?” Jack nodded. “You know your facts.” He flew closer to the stream of gold. You reached out, running our hand through it. It felt like sand from the beach. “Woah!” you gasped a little as a small flock of birds flew out from the stream, circling you and Jack for a moment before flying below the clouds. “This is so cool!” you exclaimed, your face beaming.
Jack smiled. He enjoyed how happy you were. It was his job to make people have fun after all, but the way you grinned at the sight of everything somehow seemed to warm his frosted heart. It felt strange to Jack. In his three hundred years as an immortal, he hadn’t felt that way. When you weren’t looking, Jack grabbed a fistful of sand and stuffed it into the pocket of his hoodie.
Your eyes met Jack’s again, illuminated from the glow of the dreamsand. You weren’t sure how to thank him, so you just smiled. “It’s beautiful,” you said, resting your head on his shoulder. You were beginning to feel tired, and wondered if it was because of the sand. You heard Jack chuckle softly as you yawned. “Alright, (_y/n_), I think it’s time we get you home.”

It felt awkward standing on your own two feet again as Jack set you down on your bedroom floor. “Wow, Jack…that was…” you tried to find the right words. “That was magical.” Jack grinned and leaned against his staff. “Well, magic is what I do.” You laughed. “But seriously, this has been the best Christmas Eve…heck this has been the best night of my entire life! I don’t know how I’m supposed to thank you!”
Jack twirled his staff in his hands. “Just keep believing in me. That’s all I really need.” You couldn’t help it. Without another word, you threw your arms around Jack’s shoulders and pulled him into a tight hug. You could feel his body stiffen at your sudden actions, probably surprised. It was cold, but you didn’t really care. “Thank you, Jack Frost. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”
Jack wasn’t used to this kind of physical contact. His heartbeat instantly jolted faster. He took in a few deep breaths, trying to figure out on what to do next, but after a moment, he smiled, wrapping his arms around your waist and returning the hug.
You stayed like that for a moment. To be honest, you didn’t want to let go. In just a few short hours, Jack had brought so much magic and wonder into your life. You didn’t want to lose it. “Jack?” you asked, head still rested on his shoulder. “Mmhmm?”
“Please promise me I’ll see you again really soon.”
There was no answer for a moment.
“Promise.” You smiled at his answer, tightening the hug a little in thanks. “(_y/n_)?” Jack tugged at your shoulder lightly, signaling you to let go. “Yea-”
As soon as your face was visible, Jack grabbed some of the extra dreamsand hidden in his hoodie and threw it at your face. You passed out instantly. “Woah there!” Jack caught you before you hit the floor, lifting you up and placing you on your bed. “Sorry, (_y/n_), but North would kill me if he found out I kept a kid awake on Christmas Eve!”
He knelt on the foot end of the bed, watching as the dreamsand above your head formed an image of you and Jack flying together, but this time, you were flying without his assistance. The corners of Jack’s lips lifted up. You were the first person he found that believed in him since he had met Jamie and his friends last Easter. It was nice to know that he was getting more believers.
Jack wanted to do something for you in return. He looked out your window at the snowless (yard, street, etc.), remembering what you had said.

“I just really miss the snow…”

Hopping to his feet, Jack glanced one last time at your sleeping face before flying out the window, using a gust of wind to close it. He had a lot of work to do.

The first thing on your mind when you woke up: It’s Christmas!

You sat up strait with a smile on your face, as you did every Christmas morning, ready for a day of fun.


Then you remembered last night.
You glanced around your room. The last thing you remember was hugging Jack, gold sparkles, then falling asleep. Your fist tightened. “I’ll get him for that…” you mumbled. You threw the covers off of you and looked out the window.

You froze.

You smiled.

And you ran out the door, barely caring that you were still in your pajamas.

The only thing you could do was laugh and spin around at the sight of the winter wonderland you had been waiting for. Even now, soft flurries danced down onto the ground and into you (_h/c_) hair. “Yes! Yes! Yes!” you whooped over and over. “Thank you!”
“You’re welcome.” You heard the all too familiar voice speak from behind you. Not a second thought left your head as you whipped around, running up to the winter spirit and flinging your arms around him, squealing a million thank you’s into his ear.
Jack laughed and you let go with the biggest grin on your face. “This is! This is just…woah!!!” You had no words to express your joy. “Merry Christmas,” Jack smirked. “Merry Christmas yourself! This is the best gift I could have asked for!” Jack held up his hand.
“Oh, but it doesn’t end there!” You gave him a puzzled look. “Remember how you said you wanted to meet the Guardians?” A smile slowly grew on your face as you impatiently waited for him to continue. “Well…I talked with North – Santa – and he said it was okay for you to drop by later at the Pole while we celebrate.”
Your jaw hit the ground. “Jack!” you yelled. “I love you!” you tossed your arms around him, laughing, and quickly kissed him on the cheek. Jack’s eyes widened, and you quickly let go, excitement continuing to build up inside you. “Sorry!” You rubbed the back of your neck sheepishly. “I got a little excited there.” You could have sworn you saw a pale shade of pink spread across Jack’s face, which you didn’t think was possible for him. “Nah, it’s cool.”
You sighed. “I’m sorry. I couldn’t get anything for you.” You felt bad. Jack had done all this for you and you didn’t have a gift for him. “What did I tell you?” the silver-head smiled. “All you have to do is believe in me.” You looked back up from your feet and smiled. Jack took a step closer to you and leaned on his staff. “Although…” When you gave him a quizzical look, Jack glanced up. You did the same. Jack’s staff was above your heads, a mistletoe crafted from ice hanging off the end.
“W-wait a min-” you were cut off as a cool hand caught the back of your head and icy lips were pressed against yours.
It was your turn for your eyes to grow wide. Jack’s lips were cold, sending goosebumps over your skin. It was like pressing your lips against a window on a winter night. Jack smiled into the kiss, his hand tangling through your (_h/c_) hair. You blinked a few times, trying to comprehend what was going up, but your senses soon gave up. Just as your eyelids began to flutter closed, Jack pulled away, leaving a frosty sensation on your lips.
Jack leant back, admiring your reaction. “Consider that payment for the snow.” You blinked dumbly, cerulean blue eyes locked with yours. “So, I’ll come back later today and we’ll head for the Pole?” Jack smirked. You nodded numbly, your voice taken away from you. “Later then. Merry Christmas, (_y/n_).
You blinked again. Then time caught up with you and slapped you face with an arctic wind. “Jack Frost!” you yelled at the winter spirit. Jack burst out laughing and took to the air. You jumped after him, but he was a mile high in seconds. “I’m gonna get you for that!” you yelled to the sky, hoping he would hear.
Although he was out of sight, you could still hear a sprite like laugh on the wind saying “As if you could catch me!”
You sighed and couldn’t help but smile. He would be back later, and you would have a hot cup of cider to pour on his head. You walked back into your house, nearly frozen from the cold, but you didn’t care. Cold had just become your new friend.

I know it may seemed a little rushed but I was excited to finish it :)

This is a little Christmas present for my fellow Frosties and my entry for the Christmas Contest in RotG Central.

As for the deal with the screen, it often annoys me how they don't inculde them in movies. They make you think a character is gonna come to your window, and then you realize there's a frickn' screen! So, I gave Jack the power to turn into snowflakes :3

This is my first reader-insert so I hope you like it. Merry Christmas, my fellow Frosties!

I plan on making a sequel if you guys want it ;)
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