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February 9, 2013
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You felt as though any source of laughter – any source of a smile – had been slowly sucked out of your soul.

In other words, you felt like crap.

You sat on your bed, feet tired, feeling empty. You had changed from your previous outfit into lounge clothes, attempting to calm your nerves with some quiet.

It was all because of that stupid school dance.

What you were expecting was a night of dancing and laughter with your friends. But you got the complete opposite.

All night, your friends had only worried about guys. Guys, guys, guys. Half the time, they looked around timidly like idiots, trying to see if a male student would notice them. You tried to get them pumped up by dancing to the beat of the music, but they would squeal and whisper to each other like bubbly scatter-brains, eventually turning their backs and closing you out of the circle.

Then there was the slow dance. Each and every one of your friends got a dance with a guy. You sat alone the entire time, chin in your hand, stare blank.

The music dulled.

The people pushed away.

You felt invisible.

You felt alone.


Your gaze shifted from your memory towards the window. The glare from the light made it difficult to see what had made the noise, but you were able to identify it – or him – as a thin pattern of frosted threaded its way across the edge of your window.

But you didn’t want to talk. You felt like the only way to get rid of this depressed feeling in your gut was to isolate yourself. You turned away from the window, acting as though you didn’t hear it.

Another tap came, and you didn’t respond.

You expected yet another echo of fingers hitting glass, but nothing came. You exhaled, figuring he had given up.


Now it was the door to your house.

You let out a frustrated sigh. He never gives up, does he? You opened the door, a rush of cool air entering, and quickly said, “I’m not in the mood, Jack.”

Jack Frost, who had his mouth open to say something himself, paused. He leaned against his wooden shepherd’s staff and examined your dull expression. “What’s up with you? You look glum.” You stared at the door. “I’m not in a good mood. I don’t want you to get caught up in it.” Your voice sounded small and emotionless.

Jack raised an eyebrow. “Bad mood? I can take care of that! How ‘bout we go for a flight and take things off your mind?” You shook your head, letting your hair fall in front of your face. You didn’t want to see anyone right now.

Jack’s smirk fell from his face the instant you declined. You never said no to flying unless you had a good reason. Jack stepped forward and put a chilly hand on your shoulder. “You feeling okay, (_y/n_)?” His voice was much softer and sweeter. You shook your head no, unable to stay locked up when Jack was around.

Jack moved his hand and slid his arm around your shoulders, turning you towards the inside of your house. “Let’s get you to your room before you catch a cold. We can talk later.”

“Don’t you have snow to spread?” you asked, half-hoping he would say no. Jack shook his head. “The snow can wait. You come first.”

Jack stepped into your house, kicking the door closed with his heel, and began slowly walking you to your room. He already knew where it was since he had visited it so many times before.

Jack couldn’t keep his eyes off of your sad-looking face. You usually had that dazzling, warm smile when he saw you. This wasn’t like you.

You sat down on your bed and stared at your hands, keeping your eyes away from Jack. “(_y/n_), what’s wrong?” Jack placed his staff against the wall, sitting rather close to you. You could feel the frosted fabric of his royal blue hoodie brushing your arm. You fiddled your thumbs. “It’s my friends.”

You ranted for the next ten minutes about the whole night; how you felt about your friends actions, how you wish it could have been. The whole time, Jack listened intently.

“I swear all they care about are guys!” Your voice had risen a good amount; your depressed state changing to one of anger. “It’s just no fun anymore…” Jack winced a little at that. He was the Guardian of Fun. It was his job to bring it to the children of the world. Had he failed to bring it to you?

“And the slow dances! Dear MiM, I hate them!” After hanging out with the Guardians for so long, you had begun to talk like them too.

A smirk tugged at Jack’s lips. “Was your partner a bad dancer?” You turned to face him. “I didn’t dance with anyone. Just my friends did. They practically abandoned me!” Jack’s eyebrows pinched together. “Are you kidding? No one asked you to dance?” Jack couldn’t believe it. How could anyone not want to with you dance? You were so much fun!

“None of the guys at my school are worth the time to begin with…” You crossed your arms over your chest, beginning to calm down.

During this time, Jack was thinking to himself, chewing on his lip. After a good two minutes, an idea sparked in his head. “Do you still have your dress?” he asked; his voice suddenly perkier. “What are you planning?” You could always tell when Jack was scheming. “Just trust me!” With a sigh, you went to fetch your dress. You came back a moment later, hanger in hand.

“I don’t see why-YYY!” Before you could finish, Jack shoved you out of your bedroom, freezing the door shut. “What the heck?!” You banged on the door, demanding entrance. “Jack!”

“Go get your dress on!”

You felt your face slightly heat up at the order. “You’re dead, Frost!”

“What did I say about trusting me?” You let out a huff, giving up, and headed to the bathroom to change.

Jack quickly went to work, browsing your (_item that has the ability to play music_) for a good song and adding a few extra tweaks of his own.

Five minutes later, you knocked on your door. “I’m done…can I come in to my room now?” The ice sealing the door faded away and the door was pushed open by a chilly breeze. You marched in, hands on your hips. “Alright, Jack, you gonna tell me what’s…” You thoughts faded as you saw what Jack had done.

Your walls were decorated with patterns of ice, reflecting off the light from your lamp. Jack had somehow managed to lightly freeze over the light bulb, so that its glow had a blue tint. A delicate snowfall danced its way through the air from your ceiling. It seemed as though your entire room had been transformed.

“Jack…what…?” you began breathlessly. “Surprise!” Jack jumped in front of you. His jaw immediately slacked when he saw you in your dress, and he couldn’t deny that you looked absolutely brilliant.

“You look amazing,” he smiled genuinely. You crossed your arms, a smug look on your face hiding a tint of pink. “What are you planning this time?”

Jack rocked on his heels. “Nothing, really…” Jack quickly tapped your (_item that has the ability to play music_). A soft, gentle song began to play. Ironically, it was one of your favorites. Jack bent down deeply, holding out a pale hand. “Would the lady care for a dance?”

You’re stomach dropped five feet. “So this is what you’re up to!” Jack glanced up at you through his silver bangs. “C’mon, it’ll be fun!”

Hesitantly, you placed your hand in his, used to the coldness that met your skin. “Whatever.”

Your breath caught in your throat as Jack quickly tugged you toward him, slipping an arm around your waist, the other holding your hand. Your free hand, having nowhere to go, rested on his shoulder.

Using a smile instead of words, Jack began leading you in small steps. Forward, back, right, back. You fumbled to keep up, trying to find the beat of the music. You had never danced with a guy before. This was different than fist pumping to a fast song.

Jack caught you staring at your feet. “If you look down, you’ll mess up. Look at me.” And so you lifted your head, (_e/c_) eyes meeting bright azure ones. You had been avoiding his gaze on purpose. You had been close to Jack like this when flying, but something about this moment made you feel awkward. Now you were caught in his eyes: trapped. Unable to escape.

But for some reason, you didn’t want to.

You could hear your own heartbeat in your ears. It sounded so loud; you wondered if Jack heard it too. He didn’t look as insecure as you did now. He almost seemed…pleased.

After another moment, your feet caught on to the music, seeming to move on their own. You felt light, as though you were gliding through air. You let your body worry about the dancing, you just concentrated on Jack. Jack Frost: the winter spirit who you’ve known for what’s felt like ages, but has really been not long at all. The one who introduced you to the other wonderful Guardians, the one who brought magic and adventure into your life, the one who took you flying, the one who made it snow in your room, the one who always made you laugh, the one who would never leave you alone.

And here you were, dancing with him as you would on the ice. But this was special.

The song only lasted three minutes, but it felt like hours. When the two of you finally noticed the song had stopped, your feet came to a halt. You still didn’t move, though.

Your forehead rested against Jack’s cool one. He was holding you much closer than when you started. The two of you were lost in each other’s eyes, unable to break away.

Jack brought his face closer to yours. Something told you to do the same. Your eyes shut.

And just like that, icy lips met warm ones.

You couldn’t think to comprehend the moment. You simply let it go; your head buzzing and spinning with delight. Jack’s lips felt like ice, but the cool sensation cleared your mind of any worry. Why had you been upset again?

Jack brought the hand holding yours to your cheek, stroking your face with his thumb. His heart had never raced this fast before. All he could do in his mind was thank MiM for letting this happen, enjoying the familiar warmth emanating from your body. He pulled you closer, deepening the kiss.

You? You couldn’t remember a moment in your life when you’d felt like this.

And then it ended. Jack pulled away gently, the both of you panting slightly. Jack pressed his forehead against yours again, wisps of silver hair falling into your eyes. “I’ve been wanting to do that for ages,” he smirked, never once breaking eye contact.

You finally found your voice, a ridiculous, lovestruck smile plastering your face. “Is that some kind of confession?” you teased. “Yep,” Jack chuckled at the back of his throat. “Good, because I’ve wanted to say the same thing for a while.” You kissed his cheek.

Jack grinned, your words music to his ears, and pulled you into a tight hug. “Thank you,” he murmured into your ear. He hummed a soft tune, swaying with you. You sighed, resting your head on his shoulder, enjoying the coolness. You weren’t alone, as you had thought before. You had the Guardians, and most importantly, Jack. You laughed a little bit.

Slow dances weren’t so bad after all.
I felt inspired to write another one! This is for you, my Frosties!!! :blowkiss:

Half of this was inspired by how I felt after my last school dance. I just sort of bumbed out that night. The dances aren't fun anymore. The music is bad too XP

Anyway, I hope you all like it. As usual, I tried to keep it as reader neutral as possible, which sadly means lack of detail, but I enjoyed writing it!

Jack Frost belongs to DreamWork's Rise of the Guardians and our crazy fangirl imaginations.
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Engelmoon Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
beautifully written :heart:

wgat i love the most about this reader insert is that you acctually know Jack before this story happens *_*
its not the tipical "love at first sight"
iDreaminColor14 Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2014   General Artist
Thanks so much!! Though it depends on the scenario, I try to keep my reader inserts open and realistic so it's easier for the reader to imagine themselves in :)
Asepsy Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
So beautiful *-*
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iDreaminColor14 Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2014   General Artist
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iDreaminColor14 Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2014   General Artist
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